2 billion XLM giant airdrop terminates early

Keybase terminates its free 2 billion XLM campaign worth 120 million dollars due to spam accounts.

Spam accounts, encrypted messaging and chat forced Keybase’s Stellar Lumens (XLM) airdrop to terminate months before normal.

The campaign, jointly conducted with the Stellar Foundation (SDF), was first announced in late September. A total of 2 billion XLM would be distributed to users for 20 months under the campaign. However, counterfeit accounts that have been increasing over the last few weeks have led Keybase to decide to finish the airdrop early. The application will be completed in December 15 by distributing 100 million XLM for the last time.

Meanwhile, SDF announced last month that no more XLM will be spent on airdrops than before. These programs are the least effective for Stellar, while only 4 billion XLM of the 68 billion XLM gift pool will remain for this purpose.

In November 2018, the SDF distributed $ 125 million of XLM with crypto money wallet provider Blockchain.

XLM, TSI 10.55’te $ 0.053 is sold and bought.