3 Factors to Look for in Understanding the Latest Situation in the Crypto Money Market

There are exciting developments for crypto currency investors. Despite the usual decline, the crypto money market is moving at full speed.

Essentially, in the last few weeks, a dozen major events took place. Each of these events was enough to reveal the long-term potential of digital assets and blockchain technology.

This long-term potential continues to attract large investors. If you follow the market closely, you probably already know the name of one of these big investors: Peter Thiel.

Peter Thiel serves as technology consultant to US President Donald Trump. However, Thiel has been an entrepreneur and investor in the field of technology for more than 20 years.

Thiel invested in Block.one, the company behind EOS, a blockchain platform launched a few months ago, and entered the digital asset market.

But Thiel is not the only one who sincerely believes in blockchain technology.

American multimillionaire Steven Cohen has taken the first step in the digital asset market by investing in the crypto hedge fund Autonomous Partners. Tim Draper, an entrepreneur renowned for his investment in Skype, announced that he is one of Bitcoin’s biggest supporters.

But what exactly makes these technology experts and finance masters so confident? In fact, the answer is quite simple: the Blockchain market is growing.

Digital Asset Market Shaping
These developments provide the craziest times for crypto currency investors, and most of this is due to the maturation and growth of the market.

This is exactly why investors need to keep an eye on the crypto money market more than ever. Because, with the understanding of how the market grows and how it will grow in the future, more and more investors will begin to maneuver to separate good projects and make millions of dollars of investments in the future.

The best way to understand this growth is to look at three unique factors: regulation, implementation and accessibility.

In 2017, all three of these factors were a serious problem for market investors. But go quickly to 2018 because everything has changed.

Let’s start with regulation.

Regulators Give Opportunities to Digital Asset Market
While it is still not completely clear, the regulatory situation in the crypto currency market is becoming clearer. This is good for both sides.

A recent article by Forbes emphasizes increased security in the market, stating that US regulatory agencies are more interested in crypto currencies and are now beginning to pursue and punish crimes in the crypto currency market.

While many countries are working on legal regulations, the first steps are coming from the USA. In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is taking major steps to protect investors against fraudsters.

For example, most of the ICOs that took place in the US in 2018 were for accredited investors and followed the rules set by the SEC. Such arrangements are good for investors who may be exposed to fraud and market confidence.

Despite stringent legal regulations, these developments mean that opportunities in the digital asset market are still vibrant and developing.

Blockchain’s Area of ​​Application Understand
Today, the world is getting a better understanding of blockchain technology compared to 2017. In 2017, it was mentioned that blockchain technology can be used in almost anything. Many of them were not really plausible at all.

This has undoubtedly created a dangerous environment for investors. There were hundreds of blockchain projects with so many promises, but it was hard to define them when no one understood the true potential of technology.

Now both companies and individuals are beginning to understand in which areas blockchain technology is applicable or not.

For example, last year, many companies started using blockchain technologies in feasible ways. Here in October IBM announced that it was working with the blockchain company Stellar for a blockchain-based banking.

Then there is the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. While the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance was recently established, it continued to grow thanks to the partnership of companies. Today, more than 100 companies, including JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, Intel, MasterCard and BP, have started to use Ethereum as a corporate tool.

In short, companies are beginning to see that digital assets and blockchain can be used to improve existing systems. The potential of this technology in many areas such as health, finance, supply chain management, internet of things, security is getting better and better understood.

Digital Assets More Accessible than Ever
In 2018, it became much easier for people to access a wide range of digital assets compared to previous years.

In our country, many new platforms enabling digital asset exchange started to operate and significant transformations took place in existing ones.

For example, the former CEO of QNB Finansinvest free Güneri as CEO, one of the important digital assets after the stock market in Turkey btcturk to participate was made many strides in the areas of technology and customer relationships in the company. In addition to live customer support, the platform began supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and USDT trading.

In addition, Bitlo.com, which was established in partnership with famous entrepreneurs Hakan Baş, Alper Özdemir and Mustafa Alpay, joined the local digital money exchanges as a new player. Bitlo, which is currently on its way with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, aims to list the Erc-20 tokens in the future.

Similar transformations and progress are also available abroad. Coinbase, one of the leading US stock exchanges in the US, has a significant impact on the market and announced that it will begin to support five new crypto currencies in recent weeks.

In fact, investors can now access many digital assets more easily through exchanges that support exchanges between crypto currencies and exchanges that support fiat currencies.

All of this is quite big news, and each development shows that the digital money market is still moving at full throttle.