Bakkt sets a new record almost every week!

Bakkt is breaking the record.

Arcane Crypto AS, a crypto currency research firm, has recently launched a study on Bakkt, which introduced the physically secured Bitcoin term.

Although Bakkt certainly didn’t make an entry as expected, he has managed to make a rise almost every week since entering the market. The effect of Bakkt on Bitcoin price was also examined. With the exception of the end of July, when Bitcoin’s trading volume was dying, Bakkt’s 7-day average was always higher than the previous 7 days, the researchers said, adding that this platform may have stolen from the volume of CME, which does not offer a physically secured BTC maturity.

Explaining that there is a difference in CME volume and open positions compared to last November, experts underlined that Bakkt broke a record on the record and that this trend could be a serious threat for platforms such as CME.

Interestingly, Bakkt broke the volume record after a few moments when Bitcoin suffered a sharp fall and posed a question mark in the heads.