Bitcoin Price Rises Again!

Bitcoin has seen over $ 7,500!

Bitcoin, the leading crypto currency that had a fluctuating week, made a significant rise on the night of December 22, rising to over $ 7,500, even surpassing some 7,600, a key resistance point in some exchanges.

BTC, which achieved a 5.53% increase in the press hour, also affected the price of Ethereum, the second largest crypto currency compared to the total market value. ETH has achieved an increase of 4.60 percent in the last 24 hours, while the XRP continues to count in place with 1 percent.

The rise of Bitcoin has served almost all the leading sub-coins and the total volume of the market has reached up to $ 199 billion.

Bitcoin and USDT Relationship
In fact, 30 million new USDTs were released days before, and the unexpected rise of the BTC two days later brought the same question to people’s minds. The relationship between Bitcoin and USDT, which was observed in previous years, was manifested by the rise of the BTC price whenever the new USDT entered the market. Again, it may not surprise people to have a similar situation.