China’s Crypto Money Fitness Application Faces Fraud Penalty

A Chinese-based crypto was focused on money-driven fitness, financial fraud and illegal funding.

According to Chinese media reports, users of crypto money candles during each time they are active in the institution, the investigation was expressed.

In the news, in this application called Qubu 45 thousand days and over 4 thousand steps and users, 15 candles were given to emphasize.

It is claimed that these candles will give an average return of 36.8 percent during the 60-day period. At the same time, as another red flag, users were also encouraged to register other names on the platform and gain extra revenue from them.

Millions of Members
According to the data, it is stated that 95 million people have applied to this practice throughout China. However, members of the press, these data and figures claim to be cold.

Meanwhile, an investor who spoke to KrASIA said that he had made an investment of 2 thousand dollars in the past but he has not yet received a return.