Despite Ripple’s 200 Million Dollar Funding, XRP Decline May Last!

Can XRP fall further in the coming days?

Blockchain-based payment company Ripple recently received a $ 200 million fund and became the second most valuable company in the crypto currency industry.

Nevertheless, the crypto currency XRP it produces is definitely going through one of its worst years, and 2019 is still not finished.With the news of Ripple’s $ 200 million funding, the XRP has recovered to a certain extent, still not exceeding the critical level of $ 0.20.

Crypto currency analyst Calmly said in a statement on the issue that the crypto currency, which appears to be in the worst case for now, is the XRP and that a market order will be issued for its decline.

The failure of the XRP to achieve its desired growth through this funding was a major disappointment.