Expect more attacks on Bitcoin exchanges in 2020

South Korea’s leading cyber security companies foresee more attacks on crypto currency exchanges in 2020 due to weak security infrastructures.

The Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Network, a consortium of Korean Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and the country’s best antivirus software and security providers, announced that they envisage more attacks on crypto money exchanges in 2020.

Together with KISA, the six leading security companies have created a list of the seven largest cyber threats in South Korea next year. These included possible attacks on the crypto currency exchanges. Most stock exchanges in 2020 to provide the basis for further attacks are said to have weak infrastructure.

In addition to the attacks on the crypto money exchanges, the prominent security risks in 2020 include ransomware attacks on institutions, malicious code from emails, evolving artificial intelligence attacks and attacks on mobile software supply chains.

2019 was a year when the largest crypto currency exchanges in South Korea were shaken by attacks that caused major losses. In March, 13 million dollars worth of EOS was stolen from Bithumb, a leading South Korean stock exchange. Just last month, another $ 50 million Ether was lost in another South Korean stock market UPbit.