Garlinghouse: Ripple’s Trade Volume Will Increase by Fold in 2020

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse gave Fortune a new interview and talked about the future of the company.

Garlinghouse said during the interview that Ripple will continue to grow in the coming year and that the company will appeal to a much wider audience.

Grow Volume
Recently Ripple raised $ 200 million from the C Series investment. After the announcement of the company, the price of the XRP started to move and many people started to make new predictions about Ripple’s future.

In an interview with Fortune, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse talked about the future of the company and said that Ripple will continue to grow. Saying that Ripple now has more than 300 customers worldwide, Garlinghouse says that this number will grow next year.

According to Fortune, Garlinghouse expects an increase of 20-30 percent in the number of customers, believing that the Ripple network will also grow by 600 percent in the process.