How to Buy Bitcoin

Contrary to popular belief, buying Bitcoin is not difficult, it is quite easy. Today we’re looking at step-by-step how to buy Bitcoin from the popular crypto currency exchange Bitlo.

Most traders are using crypto exchange exchanges to buy and sell any crypto currency, such as Bitcoin. Choosing a reliable crypto money exchange exchange for buying and selling is the first step for anyone who wants to invest in crypto money.

Turkey, which is a crypto currency exchange and stock-based security provides the fore I, since its inception, is preferred by investors for buying and selling crypto currency. Bitlo offers a very easy platform to buy and sell crypto currencies that almost anyone can use to trade selected crypto currencies, including Bitcoin.

Today I want to tell you step-by-step how to get Bitcoin from Bitlo.

I’m accessing from my browser. When I first open the site, the current Bitcoin price and change over a period of time welcomes me.

To get Bitcoin I need to create an account and share some basic personal information.

Bitlo’s easy interface makes it easy for me to enter the basic personal information needed to create an account.

Immediately after entering my basic personal information, I need to enter the security verification code that Bitlo quickly sends to my mobile phone.

n the last step to complete my membership and activate my account; I am asked to enter my identity, contact and address information. Very simple…

Here I have entered all requested information, I have verified my information and my account is now ready for use…

Credentials are required for us to prove that we are, contact information for the security of our account, and address information for invoices sent from purchase transactions.

Crypto exchange exchanges have strict procedures and security implications that we are accustomed to from banks. But frankly, this makes me feel safe.

You can also increase your trading limits by completing the Doğrulama Advanced Verification ”steps. To complete this step, you will need to upload your proof of identity to the site. Even if you do not complete the Doğrulama Advanced Verification ”steps, you can still buy and sell crypto money within limited limits.

There’s only one step left for me to buy Bitcoin. In this step, I need to fund my account. Click on the “Deposit / Withdrawal” tab.

There are two options for depositing money into the account. These options include wire transfer / EFT and papapara method. I preferred the wire transfer / EFT method. All the information I need to send money to my account in dolars, such as bank name, recipient name and IBAN address, is available on the page.

What you need to pay attention to here is the “explanation code.. This is because you need to enter the explanation code that is different for each account when you transfer money from your bank to the “description” section. Money is returned to your bank account if the description code is not entered correctly.

Everything’s okay. I have money in my account and I can now buy Bitcoin. To purchase Bitcoin, click on the “Easy Buy and Sell” tab.

I can buy Bitcoin for certain amounts previously prepared and I can determine the amount myself. I set the amount myself.

From the account creation process to the Bitcoin purchase process, everything was simple. There is no doubt that Bitlo’s guide and especially the user-friendly interface made this process much easier for me.

Finally I have a Bitcoin, of course, a very small portion of a Bitcoin.

If I want to sell my Bitcoins, I can do it with similar easy steps. But for now, don’t look back! I want to keep my bitcoins in my hand and see what happens.