How to Buy Ethereum?

You can buy Ethereum from a reliable crypto exchange exchange. If you are considering investing in Ethereum A, we will explain how to do it step-by-step.

In the first months of last year, crypto currencies rose to unimaginable figures. Now, again, the numbers fell to the imagination.

One of the most hit crypto currencies in this decline was Ethereum. Although Ethereum’s value never reached $ 20,000, such as Bitcoin, it had great potential, and in January 2018, it reached its price of $ 1,200. But now the price of Ethereum has hit the bottom; is currently finding buyers for about $ 85.

Where does this still leave investors who are willing to invest in crypto currencies? Ethereum is cheaper than ever, but it’s also a big risk. It is difficult to predict whether the Ethereum will rise or fall more.

Investors wishing to invest in crypto currencies have learned the bitter truth that all crypto investors have learned this year. Therefore, before making an investment decision, you should consider that crypto currencies may lose large sums.

If you’re still thinking about investing in Ethereum, let’s tell you how.

How to Buy Ethereum?

Ethereum the currency of the ether (ETH), one of the most secure crypto money to buy stock exchange is based Bitlo Turkey. You can buy Ether from Bitlo which is one of our favorite crypto money exchange exchanges in a few easy steps because it gives security in the forefront.

 *   To create a Bitlo account, log in to from your browser. At this stage, T.C. as well as basic information such as your ID number, date of birth, you will need to create a password and enter your mobile number for verification.
*   If you’ve completed these simple steps, now click on the Yat Deposit / Withdrawal ”section to fund your account.
  * To deposit money into your account, you will see two different options: Money Transfer / EFT and Money. Transfer funds to your account using one of these options. If you need help, you can consult Bitlo’s guide.
 *  Now you can start! Click the “Easy Buy / Sell” tab at the top of the page, or click the Buy Ethereum link directly here.
*  Type in the amount of TRY you want to buy Ether and click “Buy Ethereum” button.
There you go, you now have Ether. In addition to being a crypto currency exchange platform, Bitlo also functions as a wallet, so you can store your Ether there.

Why Invest in Ethereum?

Your hope for a decentralized platform may still not be extinguished, but if you tell them that you will not trust the Ethereum after these hard declines, we will understand you.

The main reason why there are still investors who have not given up on Ethereum is that Ethereum is different from other crypto currencies. For example, the main function of Bitcoin is that it is a currency; Ethereum is more; The meeting point of people who know the important role that blockchain will play in the future of humanity and who experience a natural attraction to it.

Of course, you may just think that the Ethereum will soon stabilize and rise again. Generally speaking, this is a speculative investment, not only in terms of crypto currencies.

What’s the Difference of Ethereum?

Ethereum is a blockchain rather than a crypto currency. Blockchain makes online storage much safer by decentralizing the network rather than storing files on a server or cloud. Moreover, the value of the blockchain continues to rise rapidly compared to crypto currencies.

Ethereum focuses on security, unlike Bitcoin, which tries to be a blockchain currency. People can use this decentralized network to create many different applications. Frankly, we think that it is a better approach to look at Ethereum as a technology investment from a whole perspective, not as a crypto currency.