Huawei Manager, Blockchain Description!

Ruaweng Hu, Huawei Research Manager, highlighted the importance of Blockchain.

While China was mentioned only a few years ago with prohibitions against Bitcoin and Bitcoin, it turned to more blockchain after President Xi Jinping’s blockchain-focused statements.

Ruifeng Hu, research director of Huawei, one of China’s technology giants, confirmed this, and President Xi Jinping’s remarks significantly improved the reputation of blockchain technology, providing an incredible benefit to the industry.

Blockchain Not Bad!
In the early days of the experts working on the blockchain, the public has little difficulty because of the lack of interest in the Hu, in addition to the use of crypto currencies on the black market or other illegal platforms, such as admitted that the blockchain suffered:

En The most exciting event for us as people working on Blockchain was the President’s statement. Blockchain is a technology, and it’s shaped by how you use it. It’s bad if you use it for bad things, it’s good if you use it for good things. ”