Interesting Correlation Between Monero, Dash and Bitcoin Price

What is the link between BTC, Dash and XMR?

Although Bitcoin has achieved incredible success in as little as 10 years, the lack of privacy features has led to the emergence of a few cryptocurrencies that are purely confidential.

Among them, Monero and Dash, two of the most well-known, draw an interesting bitcoin-indexed graph. In a recent study by Longhash, it was emphasized that not only Monero and Dash but also Zcash had a correlation with BTC, but not as strong as the other two.

Looking at the above graph and price volatility, Bitcoin and Dash prices are almost exactly the same, but in 2019 it deteriorated slightly.

In addition, analysts link this link between BTC and confidentiality-based crypto money to people who earn revenue with BTC but distribute their revenue with confidentiality-based crypto money.