Interesting Mobility in the Litecoin Network!

Attacking the Litecoin network?

Litecoin, known as the silver of Bitcoin’s gold, has been on the agenda with an interesting attack that started in the past and continues.

Litecoin Exposed to Attack
According to a statement by Franklyn Richards, the Litecoin network is under attack known as dusting. Dusting basically starts with sending very, very small amounts of crypto money to the addresses of crypto money users. The address holder, who does not use this amount alone, transfers it along with the other crypto money in his wallet so that the attacker can detect other wallets and technically funds of the user concerned.

The Litecoin network actually suffered a similar attack on August 10, followed by the Binance crypto currency exchange. According to researcher Richards, the number of active addresses in the Litecoin network increases to 70,000 every 7 days and then to 40,000 in the remaining days. This means that close to 30,000 accounts are being used for dusting and transferring funds to other wallets.