KuMEX Increases Leverage Ratio Up to 100 Times in Bitcoin Transactions

KuMEX, one of the futures trading platforms, offers investors leverage rates up to 100 times.

KuMEX traders will be able to choose one of the leverage ratios in the range 0.01-100 times when trading Bitcoin on the platform.

Up to 100 Times
In the middle of this year, KuCoin, one of the world’s largest crypto currency exchanges, launched the futures trading platform called KuMEX.

While the number of crypto currency investors interested in futures is increasing, competition in the sector is growing rapidly. KuMEX, which is competing with big names such as BitMEX and Binance, has recently started offering a new service to its users.

According to KuMEX, users of the platform will now be able to choose any leverage up to 100 times when trading Bitcoin. However, users will have to complete the customer-identification (KYC) procedure in order to avoid any problems.