Learn Forex in 10 Steps

1.What is Forex?
The word Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange.

2.What is the Forex Market?
Nothing is done in the Forex market except trading. We buy something and always sell something, and as this market moves, we start making money. Forex can also be called interbank money markets. For the sake of clarity, what is done here is to buy one currency and sell the other.

3.What are the advantages of Forex over other markets?
Forex has many advantages over other markets. Most importantly, this market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. As you know, in general, every market opens and closes at a certain hour, but as we say, Forex markets are open 24 hours a day. Thus, you have the ability to process any time at any time.

4.What We Do With Forex?
Briefly; Our trading with Forex is the currency of that country itself.
For example, let’s consider the US dollar and the Turkish lira with Forex. Evening markets are closing, but people can still continue to buy dollars or trade in Turkish lira all over the world. This brings about 24-hour activity in the forex market.

5.When to open and close the Forex Market?
Forex market is closed on weekends. The forex market closes with the closing of the US New York Stock Exchange on Friday and opens with the opening of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Sunday.

6.What Profit Tools Does Forex Market Offer?
The Forex market offers many earnings tools. This varies depending on the brokerage you use.

7.Can Forex Market Manipulate?
One of the main advantages of Forex is Liquidity. Let us exemplify this concept of Liquidity to make it more understandable; For example, we always say ya, I bought the stock market x said they bought, but then the market fell to rise! These CMB regulations may be the result of specific persons or any manipulation. However, there is no manipulation in the Forex market. Because when we compare the transaction volumes, we can see that a very serious figure, such as about $ 2.5 trillion per day, emerges.

8.How to Choose Currency in Forex Market?
The main factor in all markets is supply and demand. The most basic thing that makes up the Forex market is supply and demand. If any currency or currency of any country sees too much demand in the market, it means that this currency is improving and gaining value.

9.What is Leverage in Forex?
Leverage can save you a lot of money or lose a lot of money. The leverage factor allows you to enter multiples of any amount of money. The higher the leverage, the higher your gain.

10.Should You Enter the Forex Market?
There are thousands of pounds per month in the Forex market, the loser. You should learn this market before you start to evaluate your money in the Forex market. Various brokerage houses offer you a free demo account. You can start learning the market using these demo accounts.