Orchid (OXT) Price Doubles in Two Days

Orchid’s crypto currency OXT, an open source Blockchain platform, has gained a lot of value in the last few days.

The price of the OXT, which was only $ 0.30 two days ago, is now at $ 0.70.

The Orchid project, set out with the principle of decentralizing the Internet and making it safer, has performed quite well over the past few days.

The project, which recently developed its own VPN network, began to rise after this development.

The price of the OXT, which remained in the $ 0.30 band until a few days ago, is now up to $ 0.70. This means that investors who bought OXT two days ago are now doubling their money.

Another thing that set the price for the OXT was actually listing this token on Coinbase. With the arrival of Coinbase news, the price of OXT started to rise much faster.