Spencer Bogart Announces 2020 Bitcoin Forecast

How will Bitcoin move in 2020?

Spencer Bogart, Managing Director of Blockchain Capital Partner, told Bloomberg in his latest statement about both the crypto currency market and the leading crypto currency Bitcoin.

2020’de Bitcoin tahminini açıklayan Bogart, düşüşe odaklandığını söyledi.Stating that the past few years have been passed by ICOs and similar horizontal developments, Bogart underlined that in 2020 we will see a period that is vertical but focused on improving infrastructure.

Explaining that a new version of many blockchain platforms will be launched in 2020, the expert said 2020 will be recognized as the fifth term for Bitcoin and crypto currency. Bogart’s ranking of the crypto money sector into five stages is as follows:

1.Bitcoin Will Not Work
2.Tulips and Criminals
3.Not Bitcoin, Blockchain
4.Horizontal Competition
5.Vertical Construction

In fact Bogart is right in the opinion that there will be many blockchain-based innovations in 2020, and the most recent example of this can be claimed as Ethereum. It is known that the team who rolled up the sleeves for Ethereum 2.0 will take the first step in 2020.