Spencer Bogart: Count on Bitcoin

Spencer Bogart, one of the leading figures in the crypto currency industry, said in a statement that the current görünen seemingly bad situation ğı of the sector should not cause panic in the long run.

Bogart, who is also the founder of Blockhain Capital investment company, said that Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular, and that the price will follow.

The successful name said:

”Right now, more and more people are getting information about Bitcoin. I think this situation will have a positive effect on the price. Because more and more people will buy Bitcoin in the future, which will, of course, affect the price. ”

Not Trusting
Bogart said he thinks Bitcoin will perform very well over the next five years.

Speaking about the halving processes that will take place during this period, one of which will take place in May, Bogart said that this process will have a positive impact on the Bitcoin price.

Blockchain Capital founder, adding that those who do not trust Bitcoin in the next five years will make mistakes.