Tuur Demeester: Bitcoin can go down to $ 5,000!

Famous name Bitcoin’in announced the forecast for the coming days.

In 2019, Bitcoin was on the agenda of the mainstream press with an increase of over 200 percent, and despite its huge decline, it still stands as a lucrative investment compared to the first days of 2019.

Bitcoin has recently dropped back to $ 6,500, but then again managed to stay above $ 7,000. Adamant Capital founder Tuur Demeester also mentioned Bitcoin’s fluctuating movements and future situation in his most recent interview.

Bitcoin will experience a short fall
Demesteer, Bitcoin’s bull running during the long-term investors began to fasten their seat belts and said that the BTCs in their hands who made the mistake. Explaining that Bitcoin would fall further after such a sharp rise, the famous name underlined that BTC could go down to $ 5,000 before the recovery period:

”After a rally, the market needs to breathe. The market needs to breathe and retreat so that it can go higher. ”

If the BTC acts according to the famous analyst’s prediction, it may experience a sharp fall and then a steep rise.