Unexpected Rise from Bitcoin!

Bitcoin has risen to over $ 7,000 again.

Bitcoin, which has declined to $ 6,450 with an unknown decline in the last few days, has risen to over $ 7,000 with an unknown movement last night and is traded at the level of $ 7,200 at the time of press.

First, BTC, which fell 4 percent to $ 7,000 three days ago, led experts to predict that it would land at $ 6,000. Bitcoin, which went below $ 7,000, an important support line, couldn’t see any of the $ 6,400 and jumped.

Bitcoin, which declined to $ 3,000 on these dates last year, brought criticism about whether a similar event would take place with its recent decline.

Ethereum Left Behind
The Ethereum remained at only 4 percent, although the BTC gained 7 percent. It is thought that the PlusToken ponzi structure continued to sell ETH.


789,000 ETHs were transferred from PlusToken wallets this morning.