3 Things You Should Do Without Losing Time If ATM Gives Missing Money

It can be a very frustrating experience for an ATM to give you missing money. Fortunately, such problems can be detected and resolved by recording every transaction that occurs at ATMs.

Although it is very frustrating and uncommon for ATMs to give money, unfortunately it can happen to almost everyone at times.

Ultimately, it must be acknowledged that ATMs sometimes malfunction or for some reason banknotes can be inserted into the machine. Even ATMs located away from the branch may be exposed to fraud attempts. However, such grievances are often remedied by banks. For example, you don’t have to worry about whether your bank will believe the story you’re going to tell.

If the ATM is missing money and you want to get your money back as soon as possible, here’s how:

1.Record the Date, Time, and Location of the Transaction
The first things you should do when the ATM gives you the missing money; the transaction date, time, location, cash you withdraw and the missing amount. You can save this information immediately on a small sheet of paper or on your mobile phone. In addition, if you prefer to receive a receipt at the end of your transactions, you can store and use your transaction receipt as evidence instead.

2.Call Your Bank and Generate a Request for Refund
You should call your bank without wasting time, creating a refund request to get back the missing money by telling your question. In addition, when you connect to your bank operator, you must provide all information such as transaction date, transaction time, ATM location and transaction amount. After you create a claim, your bank will initiate a review. Usually at the end of the day or within 10 working days at the latest, the missing money will be returned to your account.

3.Get Support from Your Bank Branch
If you have made a withdrawal at any of the ATMs inside or outside your bank branch, you can also get support from your bank branch. You can explain the problem by entering the bank and talking to a customer representative or a branch manager and fill out a refund request form.

As a result, banks keep their ATM records and can quickly determine if there is a problem and eliminate the grievances such as missing money due to ATM errors and return the missing amount to the customer account after a certain period of time.