5 Different Monetization Tools in Forex Market

It is true that foreign exchange is traded in the Forex markets and most transactions are done through this product, but this market is not only foreign exchange. Precious metals trading, stock market indices and CFD are included in other earnings instruments.

We continue to provide you with more information about Forex, which has grown rapidly among popular investment tools. This time, we wanted to introduce various investment tools that are among the forex products.

Parity (Currency)

Foreign currencies are converted to each other at a rate above which we call this rate parity. The underlying currency of Forex and the translation of different currencies are among the most profitable tools. USD / EUR, USD / GBP are among the most popular and widely used currency pairs.


Certainly, only foreign exchange trading would not lead to the rise of Forex. With technological advances, more product lines have been added to this market. Oil, which is among the commodities, is a sine qua non among Forex transactions. Although the momentary price changes make oil purchases risky, they also increase their profit rates.


The purchase and sale of gold in commodities is one of the products that can be traded on Forex. We can buy and sell gold from our Forex screens, just as we buy gold because we think it will rise from our goldsmiths or bank accounts.

Stock Exchange Indices

One of the most popular investment tools of the Forex market is the stock market indices. Yes, you can invest in the stock market via forex. Among the most preferred are the stock indices with extraordinary trading volumes such as NYSE, FTSE 100, DAX 30 and NASDAQ 100.


CFD stands for Contract for Difference. Difference contracts with margin investments are among the instruments that can be traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week in the Forex market. These contracts cover all the products we have written above, but positions are opened at future prices of the products.