790 Thousand Ethereum (ETH) Sent by One Transaction

According to information provided by Whale Alert, a very large transaction was made a few hours ago.

According to Blockchain data, a total of 790,000 Ethereum were sent in a single transaction. The total value of this transaction is around 105 million dollars.

Giant Transaction
Crypto currency followers are now accustomed to sending millions of dollars of BTC or ETH in a single transaction. However, a transaction that took place a few hours ago is quite different from the usual one.

According to Etherscan data, it was one of the largest ETH transactions ever, almost 6 hours ago. 790,000 ETHs ($ 105 million) were sent in a single transaction, and only $ 0.18 was paid for this transaction.

Comments What?
According to information shared by Ethercsan, this transaction has been released from Plus Token’s address. Some crypto currency followers think it is an exit scam.

Most followers seem to be concerned about the consequences of this transaction. Some even say that this transaction will create a sales pressure on ETH and the price of ETH will fall.