At least 800 ICO failed in the last 18 months

According to CNBC, 800 cryptographic currencies close to 1000, according to Bloomberg, are now almost zero due to the failure, but ICOs (the current main method of creating new currencies) continue to climb up.

In spite of the horribly high failure rates of the ICOs, by May this year, ICO supplies raised around $ 12 billion. This figure is more than twice the ICO emphasis in 2017.

Other estimates indicate a US $ 13.7 billion level, with a total of 56 different registered crypto currencies that total US $ 1.1 billion.

But even among these great numbers, there are still many gaps in the crypto currency market. The list of “dead” crypto currencies due to fraud, hacking, regulation problems and bad practices is also ridiculously long.

According to the ICO sales consultant Satis Group, only 8 percent of the ICOs reach the status that can be used for clearing, and only 2 percent of them promise a $ 50-100 million value for investors.

It is also difficult to predict the ICOs that can succeed in digital gold attack fashion. So there’s only one real trick to investing in crypto money: this is definitely not a well-known trick for now…