Bitcoin (BTC) Price Has A Relationship With Google Searches

Google’s response to Bitcoin price movements is quite obvious.

Interest in the leading crypto currency, Bitcoin, increased dramatically even during a period between July 14 and July 20, when Bitcoin lost 10 percent.In fact, the same trend and price-interest relationship was seen in the third week of September, when the BTC fell from $ 10,000 to $ 8,000.

This is how Bitcoin has attracted considerable attention not only from the price rise but also from its decline. BTC, whose value dropped by 9 percent between October 20 and October 24, then suffered a $ 1,000 loss on November 22nd and 25th. BTC’s searches on Google have increased more than expected at all these dates.

Jeroen Van Lange, founder and analyst of Blockchain Today, underlined that Bitcoin’s volatility is entirely Google-oriented. BTC lost $ 2,000 on September 24th and September 25th, and on the same date, the same increase in Google Search.

Increasing Google searches on these dates, when Bitcoin experienced sharp declines and upgrades, could be a positive development to accelerate mainstream acceptance.