Descent to Bitcoin Futures!

Bitcoin futures of CME also saw an open position.

CME, one of the leading Bitcoin futures trading platforms in liquidity, reveals that the market has not improved for the past weeks.

The number of open positions in CME Bitcoin futures has reached a six-month low last week, according to data provided by Skew Analytics. This means that even the daily volume is under 150 million dollars.

While this decline in Bitcoin futures may be related to the emergence of competing platforms such as Bakkt, the most likely theory put forward by experts is the end of the year. Skew stresses that by the end of the year, many investors close their orders and open positions and wait for the year 2020.

If the predictions are correct, the BTC may have a good momentum in 2020, but if the reason is not related to the end of the year, the downturn days for Bitcoin are ahead.