Bitcoin Hash Rate Reaches 120 Exa Hash and Breaks Record!

Bitcoin hash rate is breaking the record on record.

Although Bitcoin, the leading crypto currency, has not experienced much mobility in price since 2019, it is certainly not the same for miners.BTC broke many hash rate records in 2019 and did not break the tradition in 2020 and reached an all time high with 120 exahashes.

Bitcoin Hash Rate Record

Despite the stagnant appearance of the crypto money market, an incredible rate of 120 exam hash per second is an indication that miners are preparing for something.Bitcoin will experience a block prize half in May and the amount of block prize will be halved.However, the miners’ share of the cake will fall and the competition will increase to a great extent.

It is possible to say that miners are in preparation for this.It will be difficult to say that this is done by more miners entering the market or increasing the number of existing miners’ equipment.