”Bitcoin Will Increase 1000 Percent in the Next 10 Years”

The future of Bitcoin looks bright.

The leading crypto currency, Bitcoin, is approaching the last days of 2019 and remains twice the price of the beginning of the year.The BTC, which drew a very bad graph in 2018, is still a crypto currency where investors gain profit despite the sharp decline in the middle of the period in 2019.

The Rise of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin network, which will enter its 11th birthday next January, can certainly offer incredible returns to investors over a 10-year period.Given the technology and fundamentals of Bitcoin, it is not far from being accepted by the mainstream masses.

Will Bitcoin be the Successor to Visa and Mastercard?

One of the major crypto currency analysts, Josh Rager, said that Bitcoin could go above $ 75,000 to $ 100,000 over the next few years, after a table showing the rise in stock value of large firms.

Given the increase in the share values of MasterCard and Visa, one of the payment industry giants, it is not surprising that Bitcoin, which is likely to replace them, will show a similar increase.