Bitcoin’s Bear Market Affects Blockchain-Based Jobs!

The leading crypto currency, Bitcoin, has been falling since July, and it is possible to say that it lost about 50 percent under the floating image.

Yesterday, the BTC rebounded and reached a significant increase of $ 400, according to experts, due to the decline in business opportunities in the blockchain sector has reduced. In a recent report by LinkedIn, it was emphasized that the ads for Blockchain Developer were not among the most popular in 2020. LinkedIn, which examines the labor market and growth in different sectors, underlined that the interest in the blockchain sector by employers is diminishing and is directly related to the decline in the popularity of crypto currencies.

”The number of companies seeking Blockchain Developers has declined, which coincides with the decline in popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.”

Although LinkedIn reported a 26 percent increase in the number of jobs related to the crypto-currency industry over the past year, it has been seen to be normal in recent months.