Bitmain Sales Team to Downsize

Bitmain, one of the leading companies in the crypto currency sector and the biggest power in the mining sector in terms of market share, is contracting its sales team.

Bill Zhu, the head of the company’s global sales department, left his post earlier this month and said the gap has not yet been filled.

In order to increase its market share, the sales team will go on a contraction and the company will focus its attention on mining equipment itself.

Four People Only
Bitmain’s current sales team consists of only four people. It is stated that each member of this team was a regional manager and reported directly to Zhu.

Bitmain’s mining equipment sales, which have recently struggled with administrative crises and are in danger of losing market share in the market, are of course very closely related to the Bitcoin price.

The leading crypto currency, Bitcoin, is currently trading around $ 6500.