Can Bitcoin and Ethereum be destroyed?Coinbase Manager replied!

Coinbase’s former CTO spoke about Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have attracted the attention of millions of people around the world in less than 10 years.As produced in the crisis and extreme pessimism, Bitcoin has revolutionized payments.

Ethereum, which was launched shortly after Bitcoin, also showed the usage-oriented variety of crypto coins to people with its smart contract feature.ETH, which has become the world’s leading smart contracting platform, of course also has a number of problems.

Distribution of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Nevertheless, many investors in the market say that the token distribution method in BTC and ETH networks is unfair, and that the first entrants can easily earn thousands of ETH or BTC.This is seen as the weakest point of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which may lead to the end of two cryptocurrencies.

Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, said that Bitcoin or Ethereum cannot be destroyed after this point.Stating that people are given an equal opportunity, Srinivasan said that it is up to people to benefit from it.

Despite the fact that innovations in token distribution is an interesting issue, Coinbase manager said that this could be done through the national identity system.