Crypto Coins ‘Still unda This Year’s Best Performing Assets!

The unstoppable rise of crypto currencies continues to last speed.

After the incredible market cycles of 2019, the crypto currencies are still the best performing assets this year.

Crypto Coins Still The Best Option!
Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, which broke a record in 2017 and then at a similar rate with 2018 but this time downwards, managed to make a difference in many traditional financial products in 2019 according to a study prepared by Bitwise.

Comparing the performance of the top 10 crypto currencies with traditional investment products such as the stock market or commodities, experts found that it outperformed the S&P 500, Dow Jones and many other similar indices.

In the data of the Messari blockchain analysis firm, we see that crypto currencies and Bitcoin have achieved an incredibly successful 2019 year, not only in value but also in use and recognition.