Crypto Money Economist: Bitcoin Will Be 100,000 Dollars in a Few Years!

The leading crypto currency, Bitcoin, has been trading on the $ 7,000 band for a long time, and analyzes have been difficult to predict in which direction the BTC is going.

Bitcoin, which is hard to predict in the short term, has the potential to rise up to $ 100,000 in the long run, according to an analyst. The Crypto Dog, a well-known analyst in the industry, said there would be no difficulty in reaching $ 100,000 in his Twitter post.

Decline, then Ascension for Bitcoin
Stating that any level below $ 6,000 for Bitcoin is the point of purchase, Crypto Dog stressed that he is behind his statements. A crypto currency investor who commented just below Tweet said that there could be a $ 5,000 descent towards the end of December, but the rise would come again.