This stock market was described as the biggest fraud in the cryptocurrency sector.

The frequency of fraud incidents in the crypto currency industry unfortunately does not fall. This situation leads to a bad perception of the sector; as well as many people in a difficult situation.

Richard Sanders, senior executive at CipherBlade, who conducted a research on these fraud schemes, claimed that HitBTC, one of the well-known exchanges in the crypto currency industry, is the biggest fraud scheme in the industry.

SAnders stated that HitBTC marketed itself as one of the leading stock exchanges in the sector, but argued that the company was bankrupt.

Stressing that the research and control in the crypto money industry is little Sanders, the stock market resigned from this deficiency, he stressed.

The successful name said:

”HitBTC is just one of many examples that need to be eradicated from the crypto currency world. This must be done either by withdrawing funds from the stock market or by hitting the club’s regulator. A mixture of both will work. ”

In the past, prominent names such as John McAfee and Trade Mayer have accused the stock market of being a scam project.