Economist: Bitcoin is a Chain of Felicity

Tendayi Kapfidze, senior economist at Lending Tree, said Bitcoin is reminiscent of a bliss chain.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Kapfidze stressed that Bitcoin has had no tangible success in the last decade, and criticized the BTC heavily.

Happiness Chain

Today, there are names that support crypto currencies, while there are names who criticize them in a harsh language.Nouriel Roubini and Jamie Dimon are some examples.Economy expert Kapfidze recently made negative comments about Bitcoin in his statements to Yahoo Finance.

First of all, Kapfidze said that Bitcoin is not a proper area of use, and emphasized that this has not changed for ten years and added:

Bitcoin has no real use. They have been trying to create an area where the BTC can be used for ten years. Bitcoin is said to have solved a problem, but they haven’t found a problem yet.

In addition, Kapfidze addressed crypto currency investors and said that Bitcoin is no different from a bliss chain. Emphasizing how speculative the BTC price is, the price is largely determined by the movements of investors, Kapfidze said:

Bitcoin is a bliss chain. Whether you make money from Bitcoin depends on the people who buy BTC after you.