Ethereum’s New Year Update Successfully Completed

Ethereum developers successfully completed the Muir Glacier update announced a few weeks ago.

Update Complete

Ethereum developers have been working to switch the network to a proof-of-stake algorithm for some time. For this purpose, the Istanbul update was made at the beginning of December 2019.

Ethereum developers have completed the Muir Glacier update on exactly 9.2 millionth block today. With this update, EIP 2384 was approved.

This bill is scheduled to delay the difficulty bomb at the Ethereum.With this difficulty bomb, the miners in the Ethereum will be seriously challenged because the block challenge will increase considerably.With the Muir Glacier update, this difficulty grenade was sent forward about 4 million blocks (611 days).

According to statements by Ethereum developer Pooja Ranjan, Muir Glacier should not normally be required to update.Because after the Istanbul update, this difficulty bomb was expected to become active in the middle of 2020.However, due to an account error in the Istanbul update, the difficulty bomb was taken much earlier than expected.The purpose of the developers was to postpone this date again with the Muir Glacier update.