Euro 2020 Tickets will be transferred to Ethereum Blockchain

Alpha Wallet, a Blockchain company, will transfer Euro 2020 tickets to Blockchain in line with its agreement with UEFA.

UEFA will allow Alpha Wallet to transfer nearly 20,000 tickets to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Transition to Blockchain

Wallet formed a giant partnership with UEFA and took action to tokenize their Euro 2020 tickets.

Victor Zhang, CEO of Alpha Wallet, said that this partnership is of great importance not only for the company but also for the Blockchain sector, emphasizing the importance of Euro 2020:

Even if the money for this tournament’s digital tickets is invested in Blockchain, we are now able to penetrate more than the total number of people using Blockchain.

According to Zhang, 20,000 of the digital tickets in Euro 2020 will be transferred to Blockchain and the owners will not even be aware of this.

During this process, UEFA will fully cover the funds and tickets to be used in the project.The only thing that falls into the Wallet is to successfully transfer and token these 20,000 tickets to the Ethereum.

Once these tickets are transferred to the Ethereum, they can be easily monitored and inspected.In this way, these tickets can be transferred from spouse-to-wife and counterfeit tickets will be prevented.In addition, if the owner of one of these tickets wants to sell his ticket, he will be able to do so through the Ethereum network, just like selling crypto money.