First Operation on OmiseGo Own Network Has Started

OmiseGo (OMG), one of the already well-known projects in the crypto currency world, has finally started to use its own mainnet.

OmiseGo developers successfully completed the first transaction on OMG’s main network last day.

OmiseGo token was originally introduced in July 2017, and has since attracted the attention of many. However, OmiseGo had no network of its own ever since.

OMG developers successfully completed the first operation of the project’s own network last day, thus making OMG its own network. According to the statement made by the developers, “money was deposited, transaction record and receipt ”was received.

Even if the first operation in OmiesGo has been done, the network is not yet fully ready because developers still need to do some security testing. However, according to developers, this process will be completed by the middle of next month.