Forex: Daily Quotes and Commodity Reviews

EUR / USD: The parity went a little lower after the French finance minister stated that France’s growth forecasts from the Eurozone and the budget deficit, which has not seen an increase for the last 5 years, will rise this year and the US dollar continues to rally, but the horizon continues in general. This situation is still valid. If he can’t make the last shoulder, maybe the cap formation can enter the period. However, in general, the information needed for the pair to move up is generally weak. Attention should be paid to the ECB monthly report at 11 o’clock.

GBP / USD: The pound is driven by the dynamic and critical political situation in the kingdom, and yesterday the BOE president Carney’s failure to find a clear solution to the housing-home market problem pounds the pound. Yesterday, the power of the 1.6065 municipalities, as well as more or less the British cabinet to go to Scotland today to meet with the Scots seeking independence has provided some improvement in the parity. Currently, we can see that he has received support from EMA for 21 days.

AUD / USD: Australia, Australia for the month and almost record-breaking employment information with the Australian dollar has added great value. The parity, which reached up to 0.9211 housing units, does not exceed this level and seems to be experiencing withdrawal. Exceeding the daily pivot level may return the pair to the resale position.

Ounces of Gold: Ukraine and Russia stress that Poroshenko’s troops pulled about 2/3 of the troops and the Middle East, albeit a little bit of stress, and all of these, as well as the recent performance of the US dollar seems to have dominated the gold. The parity, indicators and indicators, which are very dependent on the downtrend, continue to show a downward trend. Short-term purchases can create new and different sales opportunities.