Hard Times of Bitcoin Miners in China!

China is allegedly demanding Bitcoin miners to reduce electricity consumption.

It is claimed that the miners in the Sichuan region, which is famous for Bitcoin mining in China, are under great pressure for the time being. It is known that China has taken similar steps before, especially during the dry season and the rains.

According to reports from Asia Times, Chinese authorities began to demand Bitcoin miners to reduce their electricity consumption. The arid season in the region is expected to continue until April, and miners may have to give up eventually because of the pressure already started.

In addition, it is known that hydro-electric power plants that provide electricity to miners have been sentenced to various penalties. It is already reported that several facilities have been fined up to $ 140,000. Previously, authorities in the region had negotiated with Bitcoin miners to agree on tax or other charges.

However, there seems to be no consensus, and the gap between miners and authorities is widening.