How to Make Crypto Money Without Putting Capital with Airdrops and Bounties

By the middle of 2017, the massive trend of Bitcoin and Blockchain won a bullish season that lasted almost 6 months, multiplying the crypto currency market volume and thus the value of almost all crypto currencies in no other market. In this process, many investors around the world have transferred FIAT money investments to crypto coins and those who do not want to take risks or want to reduce their risk have flocked to the ways of making free crypto money called airdrop and bounty programs.

Even though crypto markets have been turned upside down in the month of January 2018, the interest in airdrops and bounties does not diminish. The main reason for this is that the ICO, the new coin and token craze, does not end despite all the bans and barriers, 70-80 percent decline in the market and even giant scams.

To start with what Airdrop and Bounty hunting means; airdrop means raining money and grabbing for free, and bounty hunter means sort of booty hunting. Although more time and effort is spent on bounty, there is a lot of demand for bounty programs because earnings are more guaranteed and more.

Here’s how the system works. A newly released crypto coin or token company promises to give some amount of money to those who support them in various ways, ie airdrop / bounty. If you have participated, they will send them to your address after a period of time (usually 1-3 months). Then, when these currencies begin to enter the stock exchanges, they are valued and sold to a more trusted crypto currency or FIAT money, making money by spending only time without depositing. (Idex without entering the stock market, etherdelta, forkdelta, such as decentralized, ie directly from the wallet to wallet in the stock exchanges can sell and sell airdrop tokens.)

The first thing you need to know if you want to make money with Airdrop and Bounty is that it is not possible to make money from every airdrop and bounty you apply. You will not earn anything from some, you will earn small amounts from some, if you are lucky and you have come to the right project you will earn considerable amounts.

It usually takes a few minutes to apply for an airdrop project. Selling incoming tokens at the right time and holding them in popular terms determines the fate of your winnings. The value of airdrop tokens, which is worth $ 100 when you arrive, can be as low as 10 dollars (maybe 0) in just a few weeks or as much as 1000 dollars or more. Reading the market, looking at the project’s roadmap, team, and whitepaper should be effective in making this decision whether you are a long-term or short-term. By the way, even completely scam coins that are fraudulent or have no real features or benefits can reach significant values ​​for a while. So timing is very important.

Although looking at the big picture, 80 percent of the ICOs that enter the market are dreams-selling or fraudulent projects, and many airdrops don’t come from anything significant, but some airdrops and bounties have earned serious money in the last year to provide a positive perspective. Let’s talk. For example, at the beginning of this year, the ERC20 token Hydrogen Platform (HYDRO) organized an airdrop that took 2 minutes and sent a total of 222,222 tokens to all participants a few months later. Shortly after entering the stock exchange in May, airdropers selling these tokens at the right time were able to earn 0.4 BTC (more than $ 3500 at that time).

NANO (formerly Raiblocks / XRB), which had a value of $ 37 in December, was also distributed by millions with captcha-decoded airdrops at a value of 10 cents. In the case of NANO, in the time, those who gathered hundreds or even thousands and sold them at the highest prices caught the lottery. Apart from these, various airdrop and bounty tokens such as GVT, Bitcoin White, UCASH, Storm and ONTOLOGY have earned thousands of dollars to lucky participants. It is important to underline that to join as many airdrops as possible and try to come across a handful of airdrops or bounties that will earn serious money. Even if you don’t come across them, you need to be comforted by the airdrops that earn small amounts. In addition, if you are someone who has an environment around the internet, you can multiply your earnings from referenced airdrops. A non-referenced airdrop can earn 3 to 5 dollars from an ordinary airdrop, while you can earn 40 to 50 dollars.

After all, this job is for people who have a lot of free time. If your time is valuable, it may not be for you if time already means money.

Now let’s start with what you need to do to chase airdrop from scratch.

1. We need a wallet address for one ERC20 tokens (Ethereum). The most commonly used online wallet on Create your wallet here. Record your password, Private Key, UTC keystore file and Wallet Address that you will use on airdrops.

2. We need a wallet address for one NEO token (NEO). For this, the most used online wallet site. Create your wallet here. Record your password, Private Key, UTC keystore file and Wallet Address that you will use on airdrops.

It will take only 5 minutes to create your wallet. If it sounds mixed, you can get step-by-step help from Youtube videos by searching for the necessary keywords for both. Do not share your Private Key, Password and UTC keystore file with anyone. The thing to share on Airdrops is your wallet address. Do not confuse with Private Key. In addition to these online wallets, you can choose from various NEO and Ethereum wallets with mobile applications.

Airdrops are not limited to ETHEREUM and NEO tokens. Although other platform tokens also have airdrops, the dominance of this market and the most valued tokens are in this duo.

3. One TELEGRAM account. Airdrop and bounty projects require you to subscribe to telegram channels in order to attract masses and users. If you are going to do these tasks, set up a telegram and note your telegram user name. You can find this information in the settings section.

4. Social media accounts. In particular, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Cryptocompare, Youtube, Reddit, Medium, such as the opening of the account may be necessary to benefit from both airdrops and bounty. Airdrop campaigns will ask you to like, follow, retweet and share. Also make sure your account’s privacy settings are turned on. Some bounties look at the number of followers on Twitter. For this reason, you can earn followers by typing #btc, #eth, #airdrop, #followback, #cryptocurrency and following each other. Having at least 200 followers will benefit you. If you have thousands of followers, you can earn serious sums from Twitter bounties. Many bounties will ask you to prove that your followers are real followers on Twitteraudit.

5. This is an e-mail address that you will use. Airdrops will also ask you for an e-mail address. Sometimes you will also need to click on the incoming links for activation. Therefore, specify a new e-mail address. Keep in mind that there are many cases of theft and fraud in the world of crypto.

When you do this, you can now join airdrops. Some airdrops take place completely through telegram bots, some as members of their sites and others through filling out forms.

If we’ve learned to join the airdrops, let’s move on to the bounty., where Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto was once a member, is the center of bounties and all projects. In this forum, all newly released coins and tokens open the headings ANN (Announcement) and Bounty and introduce their teams, roadmaps and white papers, as well as organize bounty programs for advertising and audience gaining.

There is a hierarchy system in the forum and everyone can earn bounties according to this system. While it is enough to be active in this forum by posting only posts until this year, you should like your shares with the newly introduced Merit system and earn Merit Points from old members. In this system, the number of members of the site doubled in the last year and the share of former members began to decrease. There are people around the world who earn thousands of dollars every month with bounties. For this reason, it is no longer easy to ascend to the forum and thousands of dollars can be valued for old and high rank memberships.

Bounty on; signature (such as receiving 10-15 posts per week in the forum and receiving ads in the signature field that appears under your posts), sharing social media posts (like 5-10 twitter weekly, facebook posts / retweets), producing project related content (Youtube / Blog / Medium / Steemit etc.) ), translation (whitepaper, forum topic translation, etc.) and reporting them on the project. There are many minimum requirements and they need to be read and understood for each project. Of course, before you do this you want to apply under the forum topic of the project bounty types and information you need to register on the form of the subject headings.

At the end of this process, which sometimes takes months, everyone can earn significant shares according to forum rank and participation amount / duration. These are also listed in an Excel file and then sent to the ERC20 or NEO addresses that you give as tokens. If the project is valued, you will have the chance to earn thousands of dollars, and if you do not choose the right project, there is a great deal of time and effort. For example, it wasn’t even possible for someone who participated in the Genesis Vision Token bounty to earn 5-10 thousand dollars or even more than the bounty of this project, which was $ 50 at the beginning of this year.

In addition, the complex bounty hunting process in the forum makes it easier to increase the number of sites recently., are the main ones. Unlike Airdrops, Bitcointalk membership is a must for most bounties. Therefore, if you are still not a member, you will be able to earn at least 10 Merit and reach a Member rank. These sites integrate with your social media accounts, eliminating reporting engagement such as Twitter retweets and Facebook shares.

Finally, to send and sell tokens from MyEtherWallet or similar sites, you need to have a small amount of Ethereum in the wallet to be used as fuel. It is enough to have an Ethereum for 3 – 5 dollars. There is no such requirement for NEO. In addition, once your NEO wallet comes with airdrop tokens, you can get new airdrop tokens just because you keep token there. For example, in recent weeks, the Master Contract Token (MCT) neo token has made 2000 token airdrops in many wallets, and this token is in great demand even before it enters the stock market. In a few months, this airdrop will be worth $ 1000.

The point is, if you have free time and say you’re already spending a lot of time at your computer, tablet, airdrop and bounty programs can be for you. When I say I’m wasting a lot of money, you have to come up with an airdrop that adds up to your wallet, but nowadays worthless airdrop token is doubled up to 10 in a bullish season, and if you get it, Airdrop and bounty will give you a car, iPhone or a holiday allowance. well not imagined.