HTC Announces Investments in Blockchain Phones!

HTC will increase the importance it attaches to blockchain technology.

Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC has been experiencing a serious downturn in recent years and confirmed that it will dismiss more staff to stay competitive this week.

In particular, HTC will focus on the latest technologies and blockchain-based smartphone EXODUS’un explaining that among them HTC, in 2015, 2,250 employees, in 2018, had dismissed 1,500 employees.

First introduced in May 2018, HTC’s Exodus phones can connect directly to decentralized networks and enable users to run Dapps over the phone. In addition, the phone also provides use as a hardware wallet and with many features aimed at crypto currency investors.

EXODUS, which was launched at the end of 2018, unfortunately faced the competition of another giant company like Samsung and it is not possible to say that it is going very well for the time being. The introduction of Google into the smartphone industry has significantly reduced HTC’s market share.