If you had invested 1000 dollars to Bitcoin 5 years ago, how much money would you have today?

The world’s most valuable crypto currency, traded at $ 20,000 in late 2017, is currently trading below $ 4,000.

Bitcoin’s value rose to a $ 20,000 pot in December 2017, the all-time high. However, a full year later, the bar fell to $ 3,760, according to CoinDesk, which followed Bitcoin prices from several key points.

Even though Bitcoin prices are much lower than they were last year, the $ 1,000 investment you made five years ago would bring in even worse profits today.

The value of Bitcoin was around $ 1,000 at its highest in December 2013 and $ 600 at its lowest; In these periods when crypto currencies became a mainstream phenomenon, the price of bitcoin was around $ 1000. The value of the bitcoin you purchased at the time would be $ 3,760 today and would bring you a little more than $ 2,700.

Of course, we do not take into account expenses such as transaction fees.

If you bought bitcoin at a price of $ 20,000, $ 15,000, or even $ 10,000, which has changed since the beginning of last year, you’d be hurt.

Volatility is something inherent in crypto currencies. Once around $ 1,300, Ethereum’s current price is around $ 128, according to the crypto currency site called Coinmarketcap. XRP and Litecoin suffer from a similar decline.

One of the factors causing this is the insecurity of investors about crypto currencies.

The billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA team, and investment legend Warren Buffett are just two of the names that draw attention to the volatility of bitcoin value. Yatırım Stay away from Bitcoin as much as possible, Jack commented Jack Bogle, another investment legend and founder of Vanguard, at an event on the Council of Foreign Relations.

Bogle said there is no profitability rate underlying Bitcoin, “Stocks have earnings and dividend payments, gold does not have such a feature. It is also bitcoin; you have no way of making a profit, except to sell it more expensive than what you buy. asına

Speaking at a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill, global economist and New York University professor Nouriel Roubini called crypto currencies “the mother of modern forgeries and balloons.” According to Roubini, crypto currencies are no more than the “cheater alan – ıları victims mamış who targeted investors who did not want to miss the opportunity – to” sacrifice mamış who had never heard of similar scams in their lives sonunda eventually and most likely in just a few months akal .

According to the famous writer and millionaire Tony Robbins, if you intend to invest in crypto currencies, think of it this way: like you’re going to Vegas to gamble. Some of Robbins’ own portfolio is always open to risky investments, but even he himself says he often doesn’t believe these investments will succeed. According to him, the sole purpose of these investments is to have fun, so he is aware that he will lose most of the time.

But still, it should be added that it is too early to think completely pessimistic about bitcoin, unlike famous writers, experienced and billionaire investors.