Mark Cuban: I would buy bananas instead of bitcoin

Mark Cuban, one of the most famous names in the investment world, made new statements about Bitcoin.

Talking about the general features of Bitcoin and crypto coins, Cuban stressed that Bitcoin is actually worthless.

There is not Intrinsic Value

Mark Cuban first began his comment by saying that Bitcoin had no internal value.In this context, Cuban says that the price of Bitcoin is always determined by investors and there is no fixed price.

According to Cuban, because Bitcoin is not valuable in itself, the price of the BTC is what people want it to be.Cuban said that he compared Bitcoin to baseball cards, rare comic magazines, and even works of art that were particularly popular in the United States.

Against Bitcoin

Cuban likened Bitcoin to these, but Cuban said that Bitcoin is actually even less worthy than those likened.

Cuban says that people can look at baseball cards and be satisfied in a spiritual way. He thinks that Bitcoin doesn’t even offer it to people and that BTC doesn’t actually have any function.

According to Cuban, the reason Bitcoin is so useless is that it is very difficult to use BTC.According to Cuban, 99 percent of the population does not understand how to use Bitcoin, which makes Bitcoin useless.

After making all these comments, Cuban made a confused comment and said that he would prefer to buy bananas instead of Bitcoin, at least that the bananas were something to eat.