Substratum: Decentralized Network and Crypto Money

Centrality is an important factor not only in the financial system but also in the World Wide Web, which we call the Internet. There is a central structure in both access to information and website hosting. These centralizing factors endanger the freedom and impartiality of the Internet, especially in the long run.

At this point, Substratum, a blockchain project, wants to step in. Substratum wants to decentralize the web with a huge open source network that everyone can rent their own computers as hosting providers, and wants to change the client server model that is already the backbone of the Web. He wants to make the Internet more free for everyone if we say it in a way that everyone understands.

Substratum Overview
What Substratum wants to achieve is to give everyone connected to their network the opportunity to become their own web host. These are the nodes that form part of the larger decentralized network. If you want to be a host on the Substratum network, all you have to do is download the latest version of Substratum software. This software is open source and allows anyone to download and work on the code.

After downloading, you can start the software and start synchronizing with a wider network. What it allows you to do is essentially run your own server that will connect with other computers on the network. Afterwards, other users will be able to access the Internet and the content you are collectively hosting.

By offering your computer as a decentralized host, you earn Substratum tokens. These gains depend on how long you devote your network to the network, your network width and your processing power.

One of the most interesting things about the substrate network is that it allows users to customize their hosting. Depending on their resources and time availability to be active, participants can determine how much they want to contribute.

Apart from the classic hosting services, the project allows the websites to use CryptoPay functions. This enables sites to process payments for their products and services using a wide variety of crypto coins.

This creates a variety of synergies and alliances between decentralized peer-to-peer crypto currency and P2P website hosting network ecosystems.

As innovative as Substratum’s idea is, there are other blockchain projects that offer similar concepts. For example, Golem (GNT) uses the Ethereum network to form a large decentralized virtual supercomputer. There are also cloud storage projects such as Filecoin with extensive ICO funding.

On the other hand, there is a reassuring team behind the Substratum project. The founders of Substratum have more than 50 years of industry experience in companies such as Apple, Facebook and HP.

How Users Connect to the Network
It is quite similar to the current processing method of the Internet.

You connect to the substrate network and enter the desired domain name. The Substratum protocol creates a Domain Name System (DNS) and uses advanced technology to direct you to the geographically nearest host.

This also makes it easier to use the Substratum network; The main reason for this is that it can easily interact with traditional web browser software such as Chrome and Firefox.

Benefits of Substratum
Connecting to a central server has several risks. One of these is a number of failures in the center. A central host can be more easily targeted for attacks by authorities and hackers.

You can also monitor what you are doing on the central server network; your privacy and security are at risk.

The substrate is both decentralized and encrypted. There is no need for additional software such as VPN, proxy servers. In addition, unwanted people cannot infiltrate this network.

In addition to security-enhancing benefits, the Substratum network also has financial benefits.

Traditional hosting services use the monthly billing model. Pricing is done at a fixed rate within a given hosting plan. You pay this monthly subscription fee, regardless of the amount you use.

In the substrate network, you are billed according to the amount of data transferred to your site.

Solution to Internet Freedom
While online privacy is a very important issue for many people, billions of people who have to live under the control of repressive regimes do not. It is known that the internet activity in the countries like China and Iran is followed intensively.

Governments are trying to restrict the sites that citizens can access and the discussions they can have on the Internet. For example, there is something online in China called the Great Wall of China. This is a large network firewall that surrounds the entire country and controls what can be accessed.

It will be possible to overcome this problem with the substrate network. The whole network is encrypted and all that states can see is that you’re connected to a decentralized network. They won’t be able to see the sites you entered and your correspondence.

Internet freedoms are no longer just a matter of citizens of authoritarian regimes. For example, the move launched by the SEC last year is also wanted to end the impartiality of the Internet. With the removal of Internet neutrality, different invoices for internet service providers who want to access different content and sites are opened. This will allow ISPs to restrict your access according to the choice you are forced to do. The solution for this is decentralized internet.

Substratum Tokens (SUB)
Substratum has a work that started with ICO and has ERC20 tokens in Ethereum infrastructure. The project organized the ICO between August and September, raising $ 13.8 million. (Their target was $ 45 million.) It was available at $ 0.08 during the ICO period. With 383 million in use and 472 million in tokens, the SUB is currently worth $ 0.2387.

At the beginning of the year, 1 SUB in the bull market soon saw a valuation of $ 3.25. SUB; Binance, Kucoin, Okex can be bought and sold in stock exchanges and can be stored in all Ethereum wallets.

Future Expectations for Substratum
The idea behind the substrate has the potential to change what we think about access to information in the digital age. Currently, there is a lot of authority in those holding central structures.

Substratum wants to build the future by creating a truly decentralized Internet where we use the power of our neighbor’s computer by authorizing the nodes who want to be their own hosts.

Obviously, there are obstacles and opponents, and the crypto market cannot get rid of the swings. Since mining is more profitable, the majority of those who want to use their hardware power in this area are also in the majority.

Nevertheless, Substratum is a project worth considering and investment, and its tokens are at a very low point compared to the all-time peak. Success for a more free, impartial and decentralized internet will be in the interest of not only the investor but everyone.