Tezos Has Increased 56 Percent Through Staking!

Tezos’ staking adventure is quite lucrative.

Tezos, which was once unheard of and was delayed in launching its main network because of administrative difficulties, managed to become one of the top 10 crypto currencies compared to the total market value last week.

In fact, this success achieved by Tezos when all crypto coins were falling in 2019 is mostly due to the Staking feature. The PoS-based project saw a significant increase, with Coinbase Custody first introducing Staking for XTZ and then Coinbase itself.

Tezos and Staking Success
The staking feature, which basically gives users the chance to earn fixed income by keeping their XTZs in the stock market, was later offered to customers by many leading crypto money exchanges such as Binance.

Tezos, which achieved a 56 percent increase in only 41 days, is also experiencing serious buying pressure according to CoinMetrics data. On December 15, the number of addresses with at least 0.1 XTZ has increased to over 107,000.