This Year 4.4 Billion Dollar Crypto Money Stolen

CipherTrace conducted a new survey of theft in the crypto-currency industry this year.

According to the company’s findings, more than $ 4.4 billion in crypto money was stolen until September this year.

Events are growing
According to research by CipherTrace, this year a 150 percent increase in the size of crypto money theft was seen. In 2018, a total of $ 1.4 billion was stolen. However, the value of the stolen crypto coins this year has exceeded 4 billion.

CipherTrace researchers say that crypto-money thieves use far more advanced methods than before and now attack big targets, not small targets. CaveTrace CEO Dave Jevans comments:

Today’s attackers are much more patient and are willing to wait a while to get their money. Now we’re seeing $ 100 million theft and fraud. In addition, the regulators are much more cautious and use small amounts of money they steal to avoid attention.

Jevans also added that the total value of the money stolen in the crypto currency sector now could be more than $ 4.4 billion. According to Jevans, most frauds and thefts, which are under $ 5 million, are often unrecorded, which makes the collected data insufficient.