Warren Buffett’s 8 Important Experiences in 86 Years

You don’t have to wait for years to get Warren Buffett’s 86 long-term gains. Discover Buffett’s 8 years of experience until the age of 86 in 5 minutes.

US businessman and renowned investor Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest people in the world. What makes Buffett so special is the indispensable rules that he integrates into his financial life as a result of his experiences.

It is no secret that Warren Buffett, now 86 years old, obtained most of his wealth after the age of 50. At the age of 6, he gained a lot of experience for 50 husband years, from which he started to sell coke with a profit of 5 cents.

Buffett, who stands out with his charitable personality, never hesitates to share his experiences and strict rules and is very generous. Although he has 50 years of experience, we don’t have to wait 50 years.

Start learning about Warren Buffett’s 8 key financial experiences in 86 years:

1.Love what you do
Ren If you don’t go to work by dancing, quit that job, because you probably won’t make money and make a fortune, War says Warren Buffett. It’s not unfair. We make money with what we do. Do you really like what you do? If you don’t like what you do, change it. I’ve written in a few upper paragraphs, but I’ll underline it; Buffett made most of his fortune after 50. For example, it is still not too late for your dream job and career.

2.Save it first, then spend it
Buffett didn’t make his $ 62 billion fortune overnight. He needed money to invest. What did he do? He spent his winnings for savings before spending. One of Buffett’s stereotypical recommendations for epic and shared language is to save and then spend. You can dedicate some of the money directly to the savings first and spend the rest.

3.Buy only what you need
Warren Buffett has something to say about the expenses. He just buys what he needs. Looking at the humble life he lived, it is clear that he applied this rule. Before spending, it’s important to make sure you’re spending what you really need.

4.Wait, get the price thought
Warren Buffett’s favorite thing is to wait until the price goes down. Buffett prefers to wait until he thinks of the price before buying something. He explains this situation with the following words: ırım I buy the price, even if it is a stock, whether it is a stock, I like to buy the more the stock prices fall. ”

5.“Be a coward when everyone is ambitious, be ambitious when everyone is scared”
Famous investor, one of the decisive and frequently stated rules in investment decisions “I’ll tell you how to get rich. Close the doors. Be ambitious when everyone is ambitious, be ambitious when everyone is scared. Açık 62 billion dollar fortune, easy to say, can not be wrong.

6.If you don’t understand, stay away
Warren Buffett always uses his money in the investment instruments he knows best. A good stock trader, Buffett knows the stock market well, but has enough experience to donate his money to any paper. The main reason why he refrains from investing in technology companies is not because he is old-fashioned, but because he is doing what he knows and knows.

7.Know what you are
Are you an impatient speculator or an investor with the patience to wait for the right time? Knowing what you are and acting accordingly will make your job easier. For example, “If you are an investor, you are interested in what the value of assets will be; but if you’re a speculator, you’re interested in what prices will be, not our game. Buff Buffett is a good investor and knows what he is and what he is doing.

8.Never lose your reputation
Buffett is valued for being a philanthropist, trustworthy and respected for many investors. He said, 20 It takes 20 years to gain reputation, but 5 minutes is enough to lose it. If you know that, you can do your moves differently. ”