What if the world’s largest investment fund invested in Bitcoin?

Ray Dalio, one of the legendary names in the finance sector, once again finds himself in the headlines.

In macro terms, Dalio’s fund, which owns the world’s largest free investment fund, did not actually perform poorly over an eight-year period, but if the fund had invested in Bitcoin eight years ago, things could have been much different.

BTC Als would increase 150 times to small amounts
Michael Goldstein of the Nakomoto Institute, who did research on the fund, presented a very interesting case.

According to his research, if Dalio had received a certain small amount of BTC every week; The total value of the fund would have increased by a factor of 150 over the eight-year period, and investors would have had an incredible return.

However, when we look at the dynamics of the investment world; the fund has seen an increase of almost 4 percent in the remaining period, which is not really a bad thing.