What is the Most Profitable Day to Buy Bitcoin? Researcher Announces!

What is the best day to buy Bitcoin during the week?

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has a history that is not very old compared to other traditional financial assets.This makes Bitcoin’s price movements, like others, not only due to technical factors, but also to speculations and whales.

The Best Day to Buy Bitcoin

However, it would not be wrong to say that some tactics and methods can be used in Bitcoin trading.Especially on certain days of the week, as in other markets, there are special moments where prices move to the lowest level or rise to the highest point.

An independent researcher named SalsaTekila and a Twitter user also published a tweet about it.According to the researcher, Friday is the best day to buy Bitcoin.n addition, when we look at the data prepared by another researcher, When Bitcoin increased on Monday, We see that Tuesday and Friday can go down to very low levels.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering that nothing is certain in the crypto currency market and that everything can change momentarily.